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vegan disneyland paris

for my birthday this year, my partner and I took a 4 day trip to disneyland paris. I haven’t been since I was a child, and a vegetarian, and I know france is still somewhat behind on the whole ‘vegan’ thing (no meat or cheese?! are you mad?!!) so I was a bit concerned about what my options would be.

in the run-up to our trip, I did a lot of research. I trawled every single menu, blog post and forum I could find and pulled together a pretty extensive list of things which seemed appropriate. below are the things I actually ate while we were there!


I was surprised at the amount of options on the breakfast buffet! I’d been planning to ask for the allergen menu as this had some confirmed vegan options, but when we got there I decided not to bother as I ate better without! I’m very boring and had the same thing every day (sourdough bread, beans and potatoes) but there was also a tonne of different breads, fruit, jams and cereal. they don’t have soya milk out but don’t panic – you just need to ask a server and they’ll pour some from the carton into a cup for you.

day one:

on our first day, we had lunch at annette’s diner where I had the veggie burger. I was super surprised at the ‘bun’ being portobello mushrooms, however it was delicious and a blessing in disguise as the buns appeared to be brioche!

this was advertised as panko coated tofu with vegetables, coleslaw and mozzarella so seemed perfect without the dairy toppings. it did still come with coleslaw, but I just gave it to my boyfriend! I wound up taking it apart and smothering it with the kiwi wasabi sauce and it was just fantastic!

for the two meals and two drinks we paid around €40, so it’s a reasonable price for a lot of food.

for tea, we went to planet hollywood. I had the spaghetti pomodoro but swapped for gluten and egg free pasta, and a piña colada as I was chuffed to see they made it properly with coconut milk and not cream!

I was disappointed with my meal, here. there wasn’t a lot of sauce so most of my pasta was plain and what sauce there was just tasted like pasatta straight from the carton. I was full but for €15.99 I felt a bit cheated!

day two we spent in paris city, where we visited an amazing all-vegan mostly-raw cafe called rawcakes. deffo recommend if you’re ever in the city!

day three:

wednesday was my birthday, so we went a bit fancy. ratatouille is my favourite film so lunch was at bistro chez remy, where I had the soup of the day and the sun dried tomato and herb ravioli.

the soup of the day was a lovely cold gazpacho, perfect in the sweltering heat and thankfully served without any cream!

it unfortunately didn’t occur to me until afterwards that the ravioli probably contained egg, so although it was delicious I would recommend the tofu navarin for anyone visiting! the accompanying ratatouille was absolutely amazing and to be honest would have made a decent meal in its own right! the whole meal for us both was around €80, so pretty pricey but overall not too bad for a posh meal.

we had our evening meal at the yacht club, the restaurant in our hotel. we used the régate menu to get three courses for around €50 each which made it much more affordable.

I had the vegetable soup (which I was clearly too hungry to photograph before eating), the vegetable linguini and an amazing fruit salad.

I really wasn’t expecting much from the fruit salad but it was delicious, and a perfect end to my meal.

after dinner we went to see the illuminations and then stopped at starbucks for a soya milk tea and a vegan chocolate cake, I was so chuffed I got to have cake on my birthday!

day four:

on our final day, we were only around for lunch which we had at the cafe blockbuster.

this probably looks like a boring meal but the sandwich was huge and absolutely packed with veg and a yummy tomato sauce.


I didn’t snack much while we were there as it was so hot, but there were plenty of options when I did.

candy floss, lollies and slushes were my poison as I’m a sugar fiend but there was also pretzels and crisps aplenty!

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was for me, and other than the planet hollywood meal I really enjoyed everything I ate.

making the happiest place on earth that bit happier!

catch you next time,

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